Option and Choice

I walked into the mall, lost in some vague thoughts, there were few people in front of me who also just got into the mall..
Most of us ended up on an escalator to move to the upper storeys of the building..
When we were halfway through, I noticed a placard on one of the walls of the mall which read “Be careful when you blindly follow the Masses, sometimes the ‘M’ is silent” only then I started to question my inner self that do I really fall under this category..?? Oh crap..!!

Why am I standing in this herd of sheep on an escalator..??
Because you’re one such, replied my satirical self..
Wait.. Whose decision was it to take escalator instead of stairs..??
Did I really make a decision with my full consciousness to choose escalator when I also had an option to take stairs..??
Oh no, it didn’t even get into my mind that I’ve a choice of stairs.. I’m so dumb AF..
All I did was just to follow others, without a second thought.. By now I reached the first floor of the building in escalator..
Okay, I think I’ve to give some time for myself and rethink on this..

Let me first get separated from the crowd..
Here, I saw this kid mirroring or posing in front of a picture of his favorite Superhero..
By seeing this I thought to myself that we being a kind of layman are fond of following, liking and are substantially imbibing the actions and behaviors of some other influential person.. Had this been really affecting our own flair and decision making ability in such a way that we unknowingly follow some arbitrary person to accomplish our tasks, ain’t we..??
The query on whether to take escalator or stairs may not be so important, but the mind set and the thought process we have in making such small decisions matters a lot..
You don’t need to follow someone all the while..
Every individual is capable of making her/his decisions based on the collective information they have, past outcomes of the decision once made and analysing the situation they’re in and above all they have their freedom of choice..

Meanwhile, a lady shoved into me accidentally..
And she was so swift to beg for a pardon..
But in return I asked her for a help..
She was really happy to serve my need by pointing onto a other side of the corner..
My request was, “Where can I take the stairs ma’am..??”


-Vikas & Bharath

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  1. It’s just wow.. keep it up guy’s.. after reading this I started thinking to start to write like this.. but I have to check with my consciousness mind. It is with full of consciousness or it is like follow masses(m-salient)!!

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